The Team That Makes It Possible

DIGITAL MARKETING. We are developing brands with more value for less than the usual market price.

CEO/Snr. Marketing Consultant

Conrad Guthrie

Dedicated to developing businesses worldwide by providing comprehensive, competitive, and uniquely designed internet marketing support service tools. The concept was developed in 2015 as a freelancer operating from home. Shortly after he got married in 2015, the idea further came to life after he was motivated by his (then) wife to expand the business. He then partnered with his friend, Paul Harris, who took the role of CEO in 2017.


The  business was then officially registered and its first office was situated at 7 Eureka Crescent, Kingston 5 Jamaica, serving over 8 committed clients in Jamaica, UK, and the USA. The business was under the management of a team that consisted of 2 full-time customer support agents, and 2 part-time sales representatives. Today, we are serving clients in Jamaica, Canada, Germany, the UK, the USA, and Sri Lanka on a 24 hour-basis. 

LYNX Creative Marketing Agency

Remains the business that offers the most affordable Internet Marketing Support Services Island-wide, and possibly, internationally. We are young, yet committed, and highly driven game-changers with the ability to transform any small and medium-sized business, just like yours. As a fairly young business, competition is paramount to our success, therefore, our services are packaged to achieve two fundamental goals:

  • *   To Conquer the local market.
  • *   To Lead in providing more value for less.

We have the expertise, just like any other competitor, to change the way business owners view Online Brand Awareness.


As of January 2021, according to STATISTA Research, approximately 4.66 Billion internet users have been recorded. In light of the recent outbreak of the Nobel Corona Virus (COVID-19), the question facing many business owners worldwide is whether or not their company really needs a website and why. We have seen in recent months, an increased need for online marketing than never before since the turn of the 21st Century. 

The truth is, without a carefully designed and intuitive marketing plan; a company will inevitably fail at establishing and maintaining online brand awareness. Too many companies have attractive offerings that are under the radar, and too many of them are missing out on the vast opportunity that the internet has to offer.


Our Aim

Is to strategically guide companies and help them recognize that “Online Marketing” is an investment to asset building and it’s not to be considered a liability.

There are numerous benefits of having an online presence:

  • Ease of publishing, updating, and serving information publicly.
  • Provide updated information for frequently asked questions.
  • Collect feedback from customers
  • Increase brand awareness.
    Transform potential customers into actual customers.
  • Grow your network.
  • Appreciate customers by offering 24/7 online customer service.
  • Identify new and potential markets from web-based analytical reports.