Toronto, Canada - June 19, 2018: Entrance of Scotiabank head office in Toronto’s financial district, a Canadian multinational bank.

Scotia Group Jamaica Limited




Mrs. Sharp was appointed President & CEO of Scotia Group Jamaica Limited effective September 1, 2013. She was also appointed to the Board of Directors of the Company and its leading subsidiary The Bank of Nova Scotia Jamaica Limited effective September 1, 2013.

Mrs. Sharp joined Scotiabank in December 1997 and over the past 15 years has held progressively senior roles in the areas of Treasury, Finance, Private Banking, and Insurance. She held the position as General Manager of Scotia Jamaica Life Insurance Company from 2003 to 2009 and in September 2009 she was appointed Chief Financial Officer of the Group. In April 2011 Mrs. Sharp assumed additional responsibilities as Chief Administrative Officer and in April 2013 was appointed Executive Vice President, CFO, and CAO.

Mrs. Sharp holds a Bachelor of Science (Bsc) degree with honors in Accounting from the University of the West Indies, is a CFA Charter Holder, and has successfully completed the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) examinations.

She serves as a member of the Boards of Scotia Investments Jamaica Limited, Scotia Jamaica Building Society (effective September 1, 2013), Scotia Asset Management (Jamaica) Limited, and Scotia Jamaica Microfinance Company Limited.


Coldbush Organics



Products: Chocolate Bars, Cocoa Powder, Cocoa Butter, Chocolate Spread, Bulk Chocolate

Joining the Bold Ones has exposed us to a wider audience, which is quite significant for us.

Averelle French

Avarelle French started this business to make a difference and wanted to do something in farming. He owned lands in Jamaica and had a desire to work on these lands for the benefit of the community. He believes that once he goes through this experience, his business will generate a lot of interest.

Products: Six Jamaican fruit flavors: coconut, guava, hibiscus tea (sorrel), June plum, mango, and pineapple

“Being a part of the Bold Ones has helped with exposure for our business. We’ve seen an uptick in our company’s sales already, so we’re excited.

Marie Wilson

Marie Wilson attended Norman Manley Law School for just over a summer before she became ‘iced-cream out’. It was too hot and the kind of ice cream available was too heavy. She recalls telling her sister about how she missed the treat back home in New York called Italian ice. She could not find anything like it here and 3 years later decided enough was enough and decided to start Dejafrut.

Being a part of the Bold Ones has helped with brand awareness, which is key for any small business. We are looking forward to any advice and wisdom any established company can offer. We also brought samples of our product for everyone to try.

Maria Wilson