Ricks Cafe

OUR STORY BEGINS with the opening of Rick’s Cafe by its founder, Richard Hershman, in April 1974. At the time, Negril was a sleepy fishing village with little development. It lacked many modern amenities such as electricity, telephone and hot running water. Our beautiful little cliffside location was originally owned by a local doctor, the son of the first Governor General of independent Jamaica.

RICK’S CAFE was the first public bar and restaurant of its type on the West End Cliffs, offering an alternative to Negril’s majestic seven mile beach. From the beginning, Rick’s Cafe boasted an unrivaled view of the sunset from its naturally formed cliffs. Over the years, visitors and locals alike have designated Rick’s Cafe as Negril’s premier gathering spot and our sunsets have become a Jamaican tradition.

FOR MORE THAN forty five years, Rick’s Café has maintained as much of its original ambiance as possible, despite some setbacks. In September 1988, Hurricane Gilbert completely destroyed Rick’s Café. Waves in excess of 25 feet crashed over the cliffs and treetops. After rebuilding, Rick’s Café came back more spectacular than ever. Sixteen years later, on September 11, 2004, Hurricane Ivan destroyed Rick’s. More destructive than Gilbert, 80-foot waves crashed over the cliffs and treetops. When the waves finally passed, Rick’s Café had been blown across the road in bits and pieces. But even after the tremendous damage from Ivan, Rick’s was rebuilt once again, bigger and better than before.

OUR FAMILY includes over 100 people to serve our guests and to maintain our 1.5 acre property. Many of our staff have been working at Rick’s Cafe for more than 30 years. Everyone receives on-the-job training and most can say that Rick’s is their first and only job.




Aqua Sol Theme Park

Aqua Sol Theme Park Montego Bay Jamaica

Photo credit image: Travelling Thilo/Shutterstock.com

Who doesn’t love a theme park? No matter your age, you can find something fun to do at the Aqua Sol Theme Park, a beachside location that’s popular with locals and visitors. Activities include snorkeling, scuba diving lessons, guided dives, glass-bottom boat or pedal boat tours, banana boat rides, kayak adventures, Jet Ski rides, go-cart racing, beach volleyball, table tennis, and more. There are also water trampolines which are hugely popular with guests.


River Tubing and Canopy Zipline at Montpelier

River Tubing Tour Montego Bay Jamaica

River tubing is amazing, and it’s a must while in Jamaica. All you have to do is hop into a tube and get ready for an exciting and leisurely ride down a winding river. This can either be done straight after your ziplining tour, or as a separate excursion. The river tubing experience is often compared to the bamboo rafting experience also available in Jamaica, but it is the ambiance of it all that sets the two apart, not to mention the vessel that you’re using to meander down the river. During the river tubing tour, the tubes are tied together, which helps keep the group together. The guides add to this experience as they always have interesting stories to share.


Downtown MoBay

downtown montego bay jamaica

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Downtown Montego Bay is always a good time. There’s always something fun to do, from duty-free shopping to spending time on the ‘Hip-Strip’ or taking in the action when the sun goes down at places like the Montego Bay Margarita Ville location (which includes a waterslide!) and other bars and clubs in the area. Here you can find a good spot for lunch and pair your meal with a good ‘ole Jamaican Red Stripe beer, try signature Jamaican beef patties, or other tasty treats. Make some time to check out Juici Patties, Tastee Patties, or Stanley’s for some of the best Jamaican patties while downtown. Doctor’s Cave Beach is also just a short walk away.


Party at Tropical Bliss Beach

Tropical Bliss Beach Rum Punch Montego Bay Jamaica

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The possibility of rum punch upon entry makes every beach day better, and you won’t find this sort of welcome gesture at all beaches in Jamaica. Tropical Bliss Beach is a different sort of experience, one you’ll have to pay a small entrance fee (US$5) to access. Once you’re inside, you’ll see why; the beach is carefully secured, there’s live music, buffet-style dining (for a cost), and plenty of inflatables to go around. Sometimes things are super lively, with fire-eating and dance-offs, but you can also just chill and take in the ambiance. Tropical Bliss is a little over five miles from Central Montego Bay, near Sandals Montego Bay.