Incubator Pro 1.0

This program gives early-stage businesses access to mentorship, investors, and digital support tools to establish or further develop strategies for consistency in sales and marketing. Our program lasts for three weeks at a time. 



For a period of three weeks, you will participate in a series of sales and marketing assessments, including a special Virtual Workshop that focuses on The Lean Startup. Providing you with a scientific approach to creating and managing products and services. The main focus of this Incubator is to help you understand the Lean Startup method which teaches you:

  • How to develop a Minimum Viable Product (MVP).
  • How to identify a target market.
  • How to engage prospective customers.
  • When to persevere.
  • How to grow with maximum acceleration.

Our program takes a principled approach to new product development. Throughout your enrollment, you will have access to information that may seem obvious or common, however, the technique and relevance will be super transformative. 

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